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How To Encourage A Concert The Creative Way

October 31st, 2009

Do not know how to  encourage  a concert? Well that is could not unusual because there really isn’t one method you may use for each concert or event. Concert  promoters make a fortune doing this for a living so certainly you cannot expect my humble little price of the Internet to be able to tell all, but I may offer some pointers and ideas.

I used to  promote  seminars, not really gigs but when I advocate ed a friends performer get some publicity and promotion it seemed to work. I got some new suggestions from a book and they seemed to advocate to.

First – contemplate who your target audiences is. What other performances / performances / get togethers would they go to? all of us gave out flyers at other performances in the area where other artists in the same musical style played. Hence our target audiences has been there and an simple target. One of the artists even announced our performance for us at the end of the performance.

Second – flyers. Okay, I ought to have made this the first point – I was just testing you!. Try to put them up / hand them out where your target fans will see them (take a hint from the first tip) and make sure you do not just litter the place and aren’t posting them anywhere illegal. Ensure they will stand out, so colour is nice, but expensive. You’ll be able to get a lot of more leaflets / flyers out there if you buy black and white. It can be an idea to go to the Regional college and see if you could get a graphic design student to design a leaflet for you in ex differ for free tickets.

Thirdly – get on the web. has a amazing music section, and it cannot hurt to  promote  your concert here. can be link to a Youtube video of your band playing, or put clips from your last performance if you’ve a video of the event.

Fourthly – the majority Local papers have a what’s on  persuade or get togethers page. Make sure you’ve a listing here which is oftentimes free. Is your concert newsworthy in any way? Try contacting the paper to see Assuming that they will do a write up. Are you playing for a charity or worthy event? Are there any unusual circumstances around the gig? On a slow news day the paper might just get your photo in the paper and give a small write up. Try getting a free mention on the radio as well.

Fifth – Alice Copper was played in London. To  promote  the show he had a large truck drive around with an advertising board on the back. The truck “happened” to break down right in the middle of London, and caused traffic jams that made the news. people in the United Kingdom (UK) saw a large picture of Alice Cooper right on there television screen, and soon everybody knew Alice was playing a concert in the United Kingdom (UK). At this point, I don’t suggest you do this, but be creative. What about putting stickers promoting your event on coins, pasting flyers to your vehicle and leaving it parked in a busy car park where lots of people will see it. Try putting stickers on any mail you send out – you’d might be surprised how a lot of pairs of hands that mail goes through!

I think that is enough for know to wet your appetite. As a  last thought, think about your budget. It is very simple to invest a lot of money promoting a concert if you don’t know how. I have learned from some of my mistakes which is why I bought the book – I try to learn from other individuals’s mistakes these days.

If you really want to know how to  encourage  a performance and get the full range of techniques I suggest taking a look at the book as well.

How to Survive an Underground Rock and Roll or Metal Concert

October 30th, 2009

Underground indie rock or underground heavy metal shows are not prefer mainstream rock shows. Security is not paid to protect you, but to protect the club from you and to kick you out if you damage anything or act prefer you’re on drugs. If you want to enjoy the music, and it’s some of the the majority necessary music in rock, you will want to follow some basic rules:

• Bring hardly anything but your wallet and keys. If you get frisked by security, or a person else does something stupid, you don’t want to be holding anything. Leave the drugs at home or get a hotel room nearby with your friends, and taxi over.

• Don’t drink until you are obliterated. If you want to have a few beers, who’s going to complain? But know your limits. That fun stunt you thought would not make you look prefer a drunk idiot will make you look prefer a dangerous drunk idiot to security, or to the guy who decks you with a haymaker because you were being a drunk idiot.

• Mosh? Going into that p it is prefer signing a contract that states you’re not going to blame an individual else for causing you bodily harm. It may additionally be a load of fun. The rules are: try to bounce other individuals off you, not hit them. Forgive others when a misplaced elbow makes chin contact. And finally, if an individual falls, pick them up before they get trampled.

• Security guys are underpaid and are used to every excuse in the book. The time to make peace with them is before an incident starts. If two guys start fighting, back up and make it undeniable you are not involved. If the guy next to you suddenly coughs cocaine all over the stage and begins barfing blood, do the same thing.

• I recommend showing up early to get a wonderful parking space, and leaving virtually nothing visible in the car at all. Homeless people once in a while take a shine to your old sweater if it is a cold night out, or wonder if those fake Oakleys are real.

• Suppose something goes really wrong, and the cops attend. Even if you have a grudge or well-reasoned complaint against our law enforcement officers, now isn’t the time, when they’re outnumbered and surrounded by a potential riot. Be polite, sit down quietly away from any incident locations, and get out as promptly as you can, because if might hem happens, they’re going to start taking people out.

• Club individual nel are in this job because it is a lifestyle, and do not get paid much. It will not kill you to be polite, but do not be a chump. State your request, be friendly, and move on.

• The bathrooms may be a disaster before the show, but they are frequently a compost pond by halfway through. If something needs to happen in your excretory tract, make sure it happens before you arrive at the show.

• How to make a performer happy: performers get paid the least for CDs and tshirts you order Web from a third get together store, a little more for CDs and tshirts you order from the label, still a bit more from tshirts and CDs you buy at the venue, and a little bit more for tshirts and CDs you order from their Website. What makes them the most cash is when you find them after the show and buy the shirt or CD  from them there, because they do not have to pay the venue or label a cut.

Follow these basic instructions and you’ll be a productive and happy member of the audiences, and no harm will like ly come to you. think about it as a new form of etiquette for places where you can not expect standards to apply, but because they are inherent to human behavior, they do.

How To Encourage A Concert: A Few Tips

October 29th, 2009

Please accept the information below as a  drive provide ing pointers for publicizing a performance and  promote  maximum attendance and success!

Some of the recommendations might not be appropriate for your type of performance. While some of the ideas can be obvious, others can be new but worthy of a try.

I will cover the aspects of flyer/poster concert promotion and several tips for media promotion. first ly, the single the majority important thing when you want to  promote  a concert is to start delegating duties and make sure stimulate ers know what’s expected of them.

So let’s start!

Flyers and Posters – It’s important to have a well designed, eye-catching flyer or poster. It will show individuals that the performance deserves their anticipation, time and money. The  performer’s  management could offer you with some flyers or posters to start with.

If you prefer to create your own flyer or poster, you ought to find a graphics professional or pronting company willing to give services in ex differ for advertising.

If it’s the 1st time the artist is coming to your town or city be sure to include a testimonial on the flyer or poster. A flyer that simple advertises an artist or a performer will mean virtually nothing to an individual who has never heard of them!

Assign volunteers to post the flyers in places prefer ly to attract the the majority attention. Try grocery stores, Local/Regional chamber of Commerce offices, Art Councils or other communities, malls, shoping plazas, music stores, book stores, galleries and other popular gathering spots where flyers are displayed routinely but be sure to ask for permission before posting.

Don’t forget to post the flyers or posters to the performance location itself! Try to hang posters as close to the average eye level as possible.

[Media and other sources of publicity] List the concert in community calendars, Newspaper, Magazines or radio and TV stations if possible. Radio and TV stations may be willing to anounce get togethers for free.

Be sure to notice them many weeks in advance. In the listing include the date of the concert, time, location, ticket price, ticket outlets, sponsors of course and phone numbers for information.

Ask promotional material from the  performer’s  managements like interviews, video clips, song samples, photographs etc. Try to deliver the material to the media along with the news release anouncing the performance.

Make sure you follow up by phone. Ask from the management to arrange an interview with the artist(s) if possible. Discuss other possibilities.

provide  artist’s  promo material (if available) to radio stations like ly to air it.  encourage  them to performance it a lot of the time only a week or two before the concert. Have volunteers and friends telephone the stations and request more!

If you are using an answering machine make a recording using sound clips from the artist. Advertise the phone numbers available to call in newspapaer or on the radio. Include a short message in the recordings detailing concert info.

When you are Web, subscribe to any music-related newsgroups or bulletin boards. Post messages about your anticipation, plans and later, show specific information! Of course if you own a website, consider creating a special area to advertise the concert with a hot-link to the  artist’s  home page (if any).

Ask from the media to co-sponsor (sharing in work or re Venues) or to endorse the performance for publicity purposes. Assuming that they say ‘YES’ then make sure you include a ‘ by..’ message in the flyers and other promotional material.

On-Line Concert Ticket Supplier Reviews – Survey Of Sources For Buying Concert Tickets On-Line

October 28th, 2009

Have you ever seen a performer, singer, musician, or preferred sports event on television and you just really enjoyed it? Heard an performer on the radio, and you were wanting to hear more? I has been that way when I 1st heard Jennifer Nettles the performer Sugarland. Jennifer’s persuasive voice and the vibe of the music and performer just clicked with me.

It seems that any person has a favorite singer, artist, sports team, or band that they really enjoy. When the time comes that you want to see an event where they’re playing or performing live, where do you go to get tickets? Well, these days, it is so simple to get things Online, that it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to travel to a box office far from your home, to try and get tickets for an event. It is much, much easier to turn on a PC, get on the Internet, and find ticket suppliers that carry tickets for the event you want to attend. It can be cheaper too, with the price of gas these days!

Of course as with so a lot of other things Web, there are a lot of scam performers out there, and plenty of Web ticket dealers that can not be exactly what they seem. It is important to know the ones to deal with, and the ones to avoid.

I’m an avid performance goer, and have seen a lot of, a lot of live concert over the years. I have even performed myself as a singer and artist in a lot of performance s. It’d pain me to know that some unscrupulous ticket dealer cheated individuals trying to buy tickets to a performance of mine. Consequently, I have done the research over the years, and found what I contemplate to be the Top 3 On-line ticket sources.

What you’re looking for when looking at buying performance or event tickets Internet is really what I call the “Big 5 Reasons to Use a Particular Internet Concert or Ticket event Supplier.”

1. Security - Their web site has a capture ordering process (No ID theft worries.)

2. Pricing - Their prices are competitive and the service offers a wonderful worth.

3. Selection – They have a large selection of tickets for all sorts of parties with amazing seats.

4. Reliability – They have a track record showing exceptional customer service. You may trust them.

5. Navigation - Their website is quickly accessible, simple to use, and the ordering process is intuitive.

In my opinion, there are three web site sources for concert and get together tickets in particular that go above and beyond the call. These sources are TicketsNext, PurchaseTix, and RazorGator. I’ve assembled even more info while searching for Sugarland concert tickets, that applies to anyone searching for Online tickets to any concert or major event.

• To see more information on the top 3, feel free to go to:

• Sugarland Concert Ticket Source Review

Concert Secrets Revealed – Stop Waiting in Line For Your Concert Tickets

October 27th, 2009

Are you tired of missing out on tickets for your preferred band? If you’re prefer the majority audiences, you’ve been forced to purchase high-priced tickets on eBay or from Internet ticket brokers because the concert you wanted to see sold out before you could get tickets.

Take heart! That’s all about to differ. I’m going to let you in on some information that can literally take you to the front of the line the next time you want to buy concert tickets!

But before I do, I need to make sure we are alone.

Why all the secrecy you ask?

It’s simple. I’m about to divulge the  surprisingly same information that the ticket sellers on eBay use to buy their concert and sports tickets for face worth all over the country. I’m about to tell you little-known information that will take you from customer to competitor. In short, I would be in meaningful trouble If they found out I was practically giving away the store.

Think about it this way. If you had a hidden gravy educate that let you purchase tickets for as little as $35 each and then sell them later for 200-300 % profit, wouldn’t you be pretty ticked off if someone related the whole world about it?

And how do I know about this valuable information?

Easy, I have been using it to buy and sell performance and sports tickets for everything from WWE wrestling shows to Kenny Chesney to Beck to U2. This proven information has been refined and developed over the years to make individuals many resources. I understand it could do the same thing for you, too.

While this could all sound like typical marketing hype, I could assure you it is absolutely true. Concert  promoters, radio stations, fan club s, booster club s, and other groups sponsor ticket presales or special promotions for their members. The sales typically occur On-line several days or weeks before the tickets go on sale to the general public.

These special advance ticket sales are provide ed as either an incentive to join in the case of a fan venue or radio station mailing list, or as a perk for a loyal group of audiences prefer season ticket holders of an NFL team.

Passwords may be distributed by the Venue, artist, team, fan venue,  promoter, radio station, etc. Whoever is sponsoring the presale will handle the distribution of it. During the presale, a portion of tickets is made available to this pick group of individuals so they can purchase tickets before any person else has a opening . As you can see, this gives them a immense advantage over the general public. Clearly, the group sponsoring the presale only wants members of the intended group to purchase tickets during the presale. So in an effort to limit the presale, these special sales are, in essence, password protected.

In the past, virtually all presale passwords were a easy word, and anybody at all who knew this word might purchase tickets. These were thought to be generic passwords.Recently, in an effort to further limit who might use presale passwords, some groups have begin to utilize unique passwords. A unique password, as the name implies, is specific to each buyer, and might not be used for multiple purchases. Once the password has been used to purchase tickets, it is no longer valid. Unique passwords are used oftentimes by sports teams for season-ticket holder presales or by fan venues of the more popular musical groups and performers. Due to the additional specifications vital for unique ticket presales, the majority of the passwords you find on the Web are generic passwords, but you need to be aware of the type of password you receive.

Generic passwords are remarkably often used during radio station presales or presales sponsored by performance  promoters or Clubs. Traditionally the majority passwords have been generic, but more and more artists are employing unique passwords to thwart ticket scalping. Keep this in mind on your quest for a password. I would hate for you to think the password you scored for your favorite performer was generic when in fact it has been unique.Here are several things to keep in mind.

• Presales are ofttimes sold from a specified block of seats or a certain price level.

• an party could have more than one presale with its own password selling tickets from the same or divergent ticket pools.

• The tickets available during the presale won’t necessarily be the same sections that will be available during the general sale to the public.

• Presales offer the advantage of exclusive purchasing links which a lot of the time solutions in less people competing for the pool of available seats.

• Presales could have limited seating available in many areas. Since presales are intended as advance buying opportunities, they do not always provide access to better seats. In fact, it’s possible that better tickets may be available when the tickets go on sale to the general public, but there will additionally be more competition for those tickets.

• Presales regularly have stringent purchase limits that restrict purchasers to 4 or fewer tickets each.

• Presales may be restricted to “will call” only.

• Presales can require you to purchase with a certain credit card or other form of payment, ex American Express.

• A presale can require an additional fee to join the bands fan venue.

Hopefully I have shown you the benefit of presale passwords and how they can help you score tickets to your preferred band. With this information, and a little time and quest you, prefer me, can skip to the head of the line the next time you want to buy performance tickets.

Stay tuned for part two of this  lead to learn more specific suggestions for locating and using presale passwords. Until then, I’llbe seeing you on the “inside!”

Pick Up The Phone Tour For Suicide Prevention & Awareness

October 26th, 2009

Suicide prevention - suicide awareness tour - pick up the phoneThe reality of depression and suicide has inspired artists to take part in the PICK UP THE PHONE TOUR, a music tour committed to reducing the stigma associated with mental health as well as making the access to help and hope for all safe and without fear.

Houston-based art rockers Blue October will headline the inaugural PICK UP THE PHONE TOUR–where impassioned artists join together to raise awareness and funds for depression and suicide prevention–and Atlanta-based hip-hop artist and producer B.o.B will open on the trek.

The PICK UP THE PHONE TOUR marks the first-ever tour solely benefiting suicide prevention in history. The month-long trek will launch Thursday, October 22nd at the Music Farm in Charleston, SC and wrap up with a two-night stand at Stubbs in Austin, TX November 20 and 21. See the full PUTP tour itinerary below; tickets are on sale now. To purchase, visit: and

The PICK UP THE PHONE TOUR will launch with a press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC Wednesday, October 21 at 10:00 AM. Justin Furstenfeld, the lead singer of Blue October, will be on hand to speak and perform an acoustic set before members of Congress as well as supporters of the tour partners 1-800 SUICIDE, PostSecret and TWLOHA.

Justin–who has struggled with bi-polar disorder most of his life–will be calling on Congress to fund both creative writing and art therapy programs as alternative options for mental health. The press conference will also urge Congress to fully fund the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act which provides the funding behind the majority of the suicide prevention programs in the United States today. The press conference is open to all on a first-come first-served basis, to RSVP, email TWLOHA:

The PICK UP THE PHONE TOUR is created through a partnership between the non-profit organization To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA), the largest charity on MySpace and Facebook:;; and 1-800 SUICIDE The National Hopeline Network.

Through 1-800 SUICIDE–which provides a life-saving service that is private and confidential for people in need–callers are routed directly to the closest crisis center in their immediate area so that quick referrals to behavioral health services and other supports can be offered. Since 1998, 1-800-SUICIDE has received over 3.6 million calls and rescued more than 4,000 individuals who had already initiated suicide plans.

The spokesperson for the PICK UP THE PHONE TOUR 2009, Justin Furstenfeld personally understands the struggles those who are affected by mental health issues face on a daily basis. “It has taken 20 years to have the chance to do a tour focusing on mental health issues which have been a daily battle for me for most of my life,” explains Justin.

“It’s great to finally be a part of a positive, progressive-thinking tour for an important cause which will make a direct impact and help people in desperate situations that need it the most.” In a strange turn of events in his own life, Justin worked at a mental hospital one day and, after suffering a breakdown, became a patient in a hospital the next.

Justin–who has taken medication for the condition since he was a teenager–now teaches creative writing at a mental hospital to young adults affected by mental health issues, self-abuse issues and sexual abuse. Through personal experiences and music, Justin challenges young minds to channel their emotions and anger into creative writing and art versus taking their frustrations out on themselves or the world around them.

He performs his art around the world, sending a message of hope to thousands who know and trust his message because he fights the same battles they fight every day. Justin is living proof that if you reach out and allow yourself to be helped you can lead a beautiful life filled with love, family and career.

“In moments of bravery and confusion and honesty, people turn to 1-800-SUICIDE–over three million of them,” points out Jamie Tworkowski, founder of To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA).

“The folks at the Hopeline Centers have been answering those calls for ten years, picking up the phone when it’s mattered most. Now to help those who will not pick up the phone, together with 1-800-SUICIDE we are launching the first 24×7 online emotional support network called AliveIM!, which will soon be available at”

To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA)–a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide–exists to encourage, inform and inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

Since 2006, TWLOHA has responded to over 100,000 messages from people in over 40 different countries and have invested over half a million dollars directly into treatment and recovery, including $50,000 to help fund the AliveIM! support network.

In another innovative move, the tour has partnered with to air live performances from the artists via the Internet as well as provide an immediate online confidential connection for fans in need. will create an essential connection for concertgoers in crisis who are unable to approach a booth at the show in-person either for direct help or to volunteer for the online counseling program.

Formed in Houston in 1995, the rock five–piece Blue October have released five studio albums and sold over 2 million albums. The group released their fifth studio album Approaching Normal (Universal Motown), the follow-up to their 1.3 million-selling Foiled album; it spawned the hit “Hate Me,” which reached #2 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart, followed by “Into the Ocean,” a # 1 video on VH1 about a the metaphorical contemplation of suicide itself.

Approaching Normal debuted at # 13 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart in March 2009 and produced two top singles: “Dirt Room,” which rocketed to #6 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart marking the group’s third Top Ten singl, and “Say It.”

Blue October is Justin Furstenfeld (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jeremy Furstenfeld (drums, percussion), Ryan Delahoussaye (violin/viola, mandolin, piano, backing vocals), C.B. Hudson (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Matt Noveskey (bass guitar, backing vocals). Due to their hard-won and loyal fanbase, the group now tours all over the world. Check out and

Hailing from Atlanta, B.o.B. also known as Bobby Ray is a hotly-tipped hip-hop artist and producer who will release his debut album The Adventures of Bobby Ray via T.I.’s label Grand Hustle (Atlantic Records) in 2009. B.o.B. appeared on the covers of XXL and Vibe magazines as was hailed as part of “Hip-Hop’s class of ‘09” (XXL, 12/08). B.o.B describes his music as a fusion of influences ranging from 80’s, techno, rock, funk and du-wop. Check out and

Recently, acclaimed actor James Earl Jones recorded a Public Service announcement for the PICK UP THE PHONE TOUR; click here to view:

Following are the confirmed dates for the PICK UP THE PHONE TOUR 2009:


10/21 Washington, DC Capitol Hill – PUTP Press Conference

10/22 Charleston, SC Music Farm (no B.o.B.)

10/23 Charlotte, NC Fillmore

10/24 Hilton Head, SC Shoreline Ballroom

10/25 Atlanta, GA 99X (Blue October radio show)

10/27 Jacksonville, FL Freebird Live

10/28 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Revolution

10/30 Orlando, FL House of Blues

10/31 Tampa, FL The Ritz (Ybor City)

11/01 Columbia, SC Headliners

11/02 WASHINGTON, DC 9:30 Club

11/05 Rochester, NY Water Street

11/06 Boston , MA Reason to Live Tenth Anniversary Concert

11/07 Napa, CA Hot AC (Blue October radio show)

11/10 Columbus, OH LC Pavilion

11/12 Chicago, IL House of Blues

11/13 Detroit, MI Royal Oak

11/14 Kalamazoo, MI State Theater

11/15 Cleveland, OH House of Blues

11/17 COLUMBIA, MO Blue Note

11/18 Tulsa, OK Cain’s

11/20 Austin, TX Stubb’s

11/21 Austin, TX Stubb’s

Partners for the first-ever PICK UP THE PHONE TOUR 2009 include:

1-800-SUICIDE – National Hopeline Network

About the National Hopeline Network 1-800 SUICIDE (784-2433) and the Kristin Brooks Hope Center (KBHC):
After losing his wife, Kristin Brooks to suicide in 1998, Reese Butler founded the Kristin Brooks Hope Center (KBHC), which created the National Hopeline Network 1-800 SUICIDE.

In 2000, Reese gained the support of the late Senator Paul Wellstone (D-MN), Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and obtained more than seven million dollars to expand and support the National Hopeline Network which is comprised of 200 community crisis centers in 48 states.

Callers in crisis to 1800-SUICIDE are routed to the closest crisis center in their immediate area so that quick referrals to behavioral health services and other supports can be offered. Since 1998, 1-800-SUICIDE has received more than 3 million calls and rescued more than 4,000 individuals who had already initiated suicide plans.

About To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA):

In 2006, Jamie Tworkowski wrote a story, a glimpse into a friend’s life and her first steps to recovery from drug addiction, self-injury, and depression. The story, titled To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA), and t-shirts Tworkowski printed to help pay for his friend’s recovery, started a movement, not only within his local Orlando, FL community, but one that was swiftly embraced by people everywhere.

Realizing a strong need to bring these mental health issues to light, Jamie created TWLOHA–a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide–and enlisted bands such as Paramore, Thrice, Anberlin, Switchfoot, Bayside, The Almost to spread TWLOHA’s message.

Jamie and TWLOHA joined national and international touring bands spreading their message of hope before bands took the stage each night. In August 2007, MySpace awarded TWLOHA the winner of their “Impact Award” for “Community Building,” TWLOHA garnered the most votes in the history of the Impact Awards.

To Write Love on Her Arms began with one broken girl, one painful night; addiction, depression, self-injury. It is the realization of what life can be when people commit to meeting a need. “A friend of mine told me there is no such thing as suicide prevention. This is an attempt to prove him wrong, to say that love can change a life. We can hold back the darkness. Rescue is possible,” says Tworkowski.

About Synclive.Com: is a highly interactive music and entertainment Internet community that allows users to broadcast their live performances, as they happen, over the Internet to a worldwide audience. is currently reaching 127 countries with over 1 million video views a month. Shows can be broadcast from anywhere, at anytime. offers artists a tremendous promotional platform for worldwide exposure.

It is a great way to promote new music, a new tour, new merchandise, and stay intimately connected with your fans. Shows are streamed live, recorded and stored at the artist’s discretion for future on demand viewing. Our most used tool is the embedded player which allows an artist’s live and on demand shows to be placed on all of their websites so fans can watch the show in the artist’s environment. is free for artists, fans, and venues to use and is open to all genres of music and live entertainment.


Called “the most trusted stranger in America,” Frank Warren is the sole founder and curator of the PostSecret Project: A collection of nearly 500,000 highly personal and artfully decorated postcards mailed anonymously from around the world, displaying the soulful secrets we never voice.

The site now receives more than 1,000,000 visitors every week. In 2005, the All-American Rejects approached Warren about using images of actual PostSecret images in their “Dirty Little Secret” music video. They offered Warren $1,000, but Warren instead asked them to donate $2,000 to 1800-SUICIDE where Warren is a volunteer.

The donation was made and the music video became one of the most requested on MTV. The National Mental Health Association presented Warren with an award for his work in raising public awareness of Suicide. The PostSecret project has now raised over $210,000 for 1800-SUICIDE. PostSecret was awarded the December 2008 “Myspace Impact Award” and donated 100% of the proceeds to 1-800 SUICIDE. Look for the new PostScret book titled Confessions on Life, Death and God due out October 6.

For more information about the PUTP tour, visit:

Concert Promoter Learn A Rock Music Career – Spotlight On Concert Promotions

October 26th, 2009

Concert  promoters can simply be thought of as major gathering planners. Every detail of the performance has to go off in the absence of a hitch and that responsibility lies solely with the  promoter. Concert promotion is a demanding career that requires serious attention to detail. In order to be an effective and successful performance  promoter, a high level of organization is vital. Losing track of vital contact names, dates, telephone numbers or Venue information can prove disastrous.

The world of concert promotions is full of contracts, legal agreements, insurance policies and riders. In order to make the best business decisions, a concert  promoter has to have a working knowledge of all of these legal documents. Not understanding parts of a contract or rider could lead to confusion and c venue enging ies down the road.

Concert  promoters can make a huge amount of money, and then, they can lose money as well. Most individuals do not realize that quite generally, concert  promoters actually use their own money to fund a concert event. All of the event costs are his or her responsibility up front. Once the tickets have been sold, the band gets their cut and the bills get paid. It’s only then that the  promoter gets what’s left. For this reason, it is of the ut most importance to get as many paying customers in the door as possible.

Some of the major expenses involved with performance promotion are the Club rental and gathering insurance. The  promoter contacts the Club and works out a cost for the duration of the event. Some Clubs will require up-front payment while others can require a down payment with the remainder due at the end of the performance. Insurance is absolutely necessary and endorses to protect the Club owners, performance  promoter and band from possible litigation.

Additionally,  the concert  promoter bears the fee of all advertising promotions and other marketing expenses.  promoters these days have a variety of choices for marketing. They could use the Web, radio, TV and even flyers to get the word out about their event. Marketing, when done properly, generally takes up a fairly substantial portion of the concert  promoters budget.

A successful concert  promoter understands how to advertise to get the most people to buy tickets for the show. They’ve got to have a wonderful sense of the performer that they’re promoting as well as their fans. Whether a concert attracts a huge fans or a small one depends on how well the gathering has been  encourage d, plain and easy. Concert  promoters really have one objective; to make sure that enough tickets sell to make a profit. Ideally, all the tickets will sell for every night or day the gathering will run, but that is not guaranteed.

The location, size and even layout of a Venue has to be taken into consideration by the concert  promoter. In order to put on a exceptional rock concert, everything has to be just right. Everything must be considered, from performer dressing rooms to the house sound system and lighting. Pleasing the performer is only part of the story though. The audiences has to be taken care of as well, both inside and outside the Venue. Things prefer security, parking and even restroom facilities all fall under the concert  promoters watchful eye.

At some concert s, the concert  promoter will have to pitch in and advocate in other ways. Concert  promoters are often responsible for making sure things are ready for the band. This might include session ting up the stage, doing sound-checks and lighting a DJ ustments. Quite often it furthermore means they will have to decorate the Venue to suit the concert.

At smaller events, the performance  promoter is a number of times responsible for collecting tickets or working the merchandise table. At certain categories of events, they might even have the task of checking ID’s at the door the day of the event.  promoters are a number of times also responsible for stimulate ing to break down the stage used by the band. Clean-up after the performance might also be the  promoters job, depending on the negotiated contract.

Being a concert promoter may be interesting, rewarding and risky, but it’s benefit it. Concert  promoters have wonderful jobs because they work directly with the musicians. Besides that and the fact that the income may be excellent, remember, they’ve got some of the optimum seats in the house at every show.

Optimize Your Country Music Web Site – Look Like A Pro

October 25th, 2009

In this day and age, a country music musician who doesn’t have their personal Web site is missing a important business tool. A Web site offers information about you, a way to sell your CDs and merchandise, a way to connect with your audiences, and a way to connect with potential business partners. When designed properly, a Web site makes you look prefer a pro and is an amazing tool in advocate ing you achieve your goals. When designed badly, the website may be driving away potential audiences and business opportunities.

I research every musician that goes into my Web site, the International Country Music Database, so I’ve been to a lot of country music musician web sites over the last few years. Some have been exceptionally well-developed while others have been, to be honest, nightmares.

Indecipherable navigation, slow-loading graphics, and lack of contact information make it extremely c hall enging to get the information I need. Because I need the information, I try harder than the average surfer to figure out a web site. Many people probably just leave, never to return.

The goal of your web site should be to offer your visitors with what they are looking for. You want them to invest time on your web site because they have found the information they’re looking for and find it useful, not because they can’t find it.

In order to attract visitors to and keep visitors on your website, you need the following:

A professional look - I am not saying this has to be boring or designed by a high-priced expert. What I am saying is that it can’t look prefer you just threw it together in a day. furthermore, avoid cutesy animations and graphics. You want the website to express who you are, but you furthermore want it to indicate you are a pro (even if you are just starting out!).

Easy /intuitive navigation - If I can’t figure out how to get to other pages on your web site, how will I learn more about you?

Clean design - Make it easy for me to read the text that you’ve on your website. Use colors that contrast well (black on white, for example). If I want to know about you, I need to be able to read what’s been written!

• Easy access to the information I’m looking for – This ties in with navigation, but is furthermore about what information you include on your web site. What are your listeners or potential business partners looking to get from your web site? That ought to drive what information goes on your web site.

The above points are beginning basics for creating a professional country music Website. Remember, you want to look prefer a pro and let individuals know you are significant about your career. For more suggestions on how to produce your website, see the next article in this series, Optimize Your Country Music Website : Part 2 – What to Include.

Music History: Comments

October 24th, 2009

Music, like speech, must be recognised as one of the necessary elements of humanity. It is impossible to conceive the existence of a race of people unpossessed of at least some rudimentary form of music, and certainly no such race has yet been located. Wherever explorers have ventured, they have invariably found a more or less definite national music esteemed and cultivated. In the remotest corners of the world, among the Indian tribes of the Americas, the most barbarous of the African tribes, the least known peoples of the far East, whenever travel and exploration have opened up the recesses of a strange land, it has been found that music existed there, and regularly in a curiously forward state of development compared with the useful arts of life.

Of the beginning of music all of us know no more than all of us do of the beginning of speech. The the majority primitive nations have each and all their personal national music, just as they have each their personal national form of speech. Music is thus an immemorial thing; for the sculptures of Nineveh, and the sculptures and paintings of the ancient Egyptians, the oldest records of life and manners extant, represent performers and musical instruments in such a way as leads one to the conclusion that, even in the period to which these carvings and paintings belong, music had already traveled a long way on the path of development. What the music from which the comparatively finished art of the Assyrians and Egyptians was evolved was like, all of us may perhaps be optimum able to judge from a brief survey of the music of numerous uncivilised nations as current at the present day.

All the world over, the music of the more primitive of the uncivilised races may be said to move on parallel lines, and it’s only as tribes and nations rise somewhat in the scale of nature that their music begins to display any marked degree of divergent iation. Down on what may be called the bed-rock of humanity they’re all pretty much a prefer, and in the national music of the the majority expansively removed races the same phenomena present themselves with but trifling modification. Singing or any type of vocal sounds is common all over the place on planet earth. The primitive human being gives expression to the primary feelings and passions by means of the voice or speech as a matter of instinct, just as is done by the brute creation.

The first step in advance is taken when the savage becomes conscious, as it were, for the first time, of the sounds which are born of certain circumstances, and endeavors to reproduce these sounds irrespective of the feelings from which they arise. This is the first recognition of sound that has any meaning; and from it to early stages of the rhythmical narrative, and to the song, is no inconceivable transition. With the sense of rhythm, which was most could evolved from simply walking, footsteps themselves are rhythmic, whether in walking or in dancing, it’s as natural to early man as to walk-comes the first hint of a musical instrument; for, with all races, musical instruments must have been rhythmic first, and evolved to be melodic when a higher standard of life has been reached.

The New Music Marketing Model

October 23rd, 2009

A year ago, I wrote a passionate article on the merits of charging $15 when you sell your CD s. Some of my reasonings included: It is tough for indie performers and you have a wonderful music, so do not short- change yourself; you can always discount the CD  for special reasons (2-for-1 special); and, the “high” sales prices furthermore includes your numerous expenses. I made a few addendums, but that’s the gist of it.

But now, if you head over to and check out the Brobdingnagian Bards page at, you will notice something kinda hypocritical…none of our compact discs are priced at $15! What gives??

Well first let me say, yes, I do still believe in a $15.00 sales price for many artists. Certainly, it works best for folk artists, and singer/songwriter types. But my reason isn’t hypocrisy it’s a dramatic change in our marketing plan.

You see, when we started out, I knew that the only “real” income available to indie performers comes from CD  sales and merchandising since royalties from ASCAP and BMI are a joke. So our plan has been to record every 6 months or less and put out new material. By then end of last summer the indie process has been leaving us drained, and we were thinking we overextended. Then along comes

One of the things I’ve been raving about for the past few months is that provides a new marketing model by provide ing “royalties” for listens to your music. And if you are getting paid from individuals listening to your music. Then it needs to be readily available right?

Well, we’ve followed the footsteps of a lot of of the top musicians and have about 40-50 tracks available on our web site and more are coming every week. In doing so, we make a solid $20 a day from our web site.

Now with each listen, the songs are tracked on on their music charts. You sell a compact disc, the songs on that compact disc  will rocket up the charts. So you want the compact discs to sell, because higher charting equals higher payback. Therefore, our low price on

Now think for a second. If you have 40 songs on your web site like the Hillbilly Hellcats, you are most like ly going to make your 15 unique listens because your songs are located all over the charts. There are plenty of songs to pick from. As a result the new marketing model no longer relies on CD  sales of $15.00, but listens. When you realize that you open yourself up to a whole slew of, in my opinion, simple marketing tactics that will make you more resources from listens than selling CDs from your web site.

I understand this all seems simplistic, but the vast reality is most musicians on are still running their performer with an older marketing model that does not yield the highest payback. So consider that for a bit, and next week, I have a guest writer who will give you an exciting promotional idea that might send your listens over the top. Then the week following that, I am going to betray my secret that has my song “Tolkien” at #35 on all…

Stay tuned. Same bard time. Same bard channel!